Information about the course

Training schedule and contact on course manager.

Every user has to follow the schedule of practice for relevant week and respect it.

Time controlled (payment) operation is: April - September 8.00 - 20.00, October - March 9.00 - 18.00
The price list is valid from 1.1.2005 till repeal.

Technical parameters
Length: 410 m
Width: 12 - 14 m
Drop: 3.6 m
Flow rate: 16 m3/s
Difficulty: WW 3- 4
Thank for great position on lower parts of river Vltava, there is everytime enough water, that guarantee all year round operation.
Average yearly flow rate in this part of river amounts c. 60 m3/s .There is a flow rate on Moldau (Vltava) even particulary in Prague updated many times a day here. You can use whole course for paddling when the watter level is under 150 m3.


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