Information for visitors

Due to Covid19 pandemic and the Czech government restrictions, we are sorry to announce that the event will be held behind the closed doors.

Spectators were always important part of the event and World Cup in Prague is knowen for big cheering crowd.
We would like to invite to follow World Cup in Prague thru the live stream or our social media.

Program - short version

  • Sunday 6th June
    13:00 Paddle Ride 2021 - river run for friends of Canoe Slalom and other water sports starting in Troja (by the Boathouse) to the city center
  • Friday 11th June
    09:00 Heats Women K1 / Men K1
    14:00 Heats Women C1 / Men C1
  • Saturday 12th June
    09:00 Semifinal Women K1 / Men K1
    12:00 Final Women K1 / Men K1
    13:15 Awards Ceremony Women K1 + Men K1
    15:30 Extreme Slalom - Time Trials
  • Sunday 13th June
    09:00 Semifinals - Women C1 + Men C1
    11:30 Finals - Women C1 + Men C1
    13:08 Awards ceremony Women C1 + Men C1
    14:45  Extreme Slalom - Heats
    16:00  Extreme Slalom - 1/4 Final - Final
    17:20  Awards Ceremony Extreme Slalomu