Video service for Teams

Information for teams about video service provided by timming scoring system and organizer.
This service is free of charge for all teams.

TVS during 2021 ICF CSL World Cup

Due to Covid-19, there will be only video files download possibility for all teams.
There will be NO TVS tent but every Team will have 1x ethernet cable (RJ45) in their Teams tent area.
Using this connection all teams will have access to http://cis.siwi platform where they can download individual runs.


Standard TVS information below

Technical Video Service (TVS)

Technical video service (TVS) will be provided similar to other ICF Canoe Slalom Events. Dedicated area for capturing video signal (TVS-Tent) is located in Athlete Zone.

Video feeds

There will be 4 cameras located on the bank of the course and video feed will be edited from Start to Finish for every starting athlete.
There will be used EVEN and ODD video feed during the Heats when the start interval is only 1 minute and 2 athletes will be on the course in the same time.

Video formats

Technical video service will be provided in HD (high definition) PAL signal only.
HD PAL – high definition digital video signal in PAL with resolution 1920x1080 50i

Video connections

Video feeds will be provided in TVS tent using the coaxial cables with BNC connectors. There will be enough  HD – high definition connections for teams.
If you will be using Black Magic h.264 Pro Recorder or  Black Magic UltraStudio Mini Recorder you will not need any reductions to connect your hardware to BNC connectors with video feeds.


Video software

You can use different solutions for standard definition video capturing. There are suggested solutions from video software companies (Dartfish, SportsTec etc.) which helps you to capture video from HD-SDI source.  You can also use Black Magic Media Express to capture from suggested hardware.


Hardware for capturing

There are approximately 2 external solutions for HD video signal capturing on the market today which can be used for HD-SDI video source.

 1) Black Magic h.264 Pro recorder – specialized hardware which can be connected using USB 2.0 to your computer. It allows to capture video from wide range of connections (composite - SD, digital SD – SDI, digital HD – HD-SDI, HDMI) . It converts video directly to MP4 format to save space on your hard drive.  Price approx. € 470.

2) Black Magic UltraStudio Mini Recorder – small converter which allows connecting to High definition HD-SDI or HDMI video source. It uses Thunderbolt interface on computer side – check your computer for compatibility. Conversion to MP4 or other formats is made on the computer side – it requires powerful computer.
Price approx. € 140.

There are also other hardware solution but organizer nor ICF TVS staff can offer support for it.


Video files for downloading

There will be videofiles (captured by SIWIDATA) available for download on local ethernet network in TVS tent. It will be in the same setup like on other world cups and should be helpful for small teams which have not required hardware and Team Staff for traditional live video capturing. More informations will be available in TVS tent.


Where to find support

There will be ICF TVS coordinator available for your questions and help in the TVS tent
 – Mr. Hans Peter Weiss .
Suggested solution and technical support can be also found on websites of your video software


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