Information for visitors

Spectators were always important part of the event and World Cup in Prague is known for a big cheering crowd. 

TICKETS are available online via and also on site.


Program 2023 - short version

  • Thursday 8th June
    14:00 - 18:00 Heats K1 women / K1 men
  • Friday 9th June
    08:30 – 11:30 Heats C1 women and C1 men
    13:45 Semifinal K1 women and K1 men
    16:45 Final K1 women and K1 men
  • Saturday 10th June
    09:00 Semifinal C1 women and C1 men
    11:30 Sinal C1 women and C1 men
  • Sunday 11th June
    09:00 Time trial Kayak Cross (CSLX) women and men
    11:15 Finals - Kayak Cross (CSLX) women and men

PADDLERIDE 2023 - scheduled on Sunday 4 June starting from 14:00 Boathouse in Troja

Entry fee - Tickets

Thursday -  free entrance

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 200 CZK/day

Tickets in pre-sale - 1day tickets for 200 CZK or 3day ticket for 400 CZK available via

Kids up to 140 cm and persons with disabilities have free entrance.

 Entry with a dog is not allowed.
Umbrellas, drinks in plastic bottles are allowed.