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2019 ICF CSL World Cups - Lee Valley | Bratislava | Ljubljana | Markkleeberg | Prague

First World Cup first gold medal for Michal Jane

SPIvrea JaneThe first race of 2016 World Cup series in Italian Ivrea started with a success for Czech canoeists Michal Jane. Michal didn't made Czech Canoe Slalom Team this year. He was racing in Ivrea only as a substitute for our olympian Vitezslav Gebas.
In K1M Giovanni De Gennaro and Daniele Molmenti stole the show in Ivrea as the Italian pair got a one-two in the K1M at the premiere 2016 ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup of the season. In the new discipline SlalomX won kayaker
Vavrinec Hradilek and Vit Prindis took silver.


C1 Men
Gold – Michal Jane (CZE) 93.37, 0 penalty
Silver – Thomas Koechlin (SUI)  95.59, 0 penalty
Bronze – Kilian Foulon (FRA) 99.61, 0 penalty

C1 Women
Gold – Jessica Fox (AUS) 113.92, 4 penalty
Silver – Mallory Franklin (GBR) 114.17, 2 penalty
Bronze – Kimberley Woods (GBR) 114.89,  2 penalty

K1 Men
Gold – Giovanni De Gennaro (ITA) 90.13, 2 penalty
Silver – Daniele Molmenti (ITA) 91.24, 2 penalty
Bronze – Dariusz Popiela (POL) 91.58, 0 penalty