Bronze in Prague last year Karlovský - Jáně look forward to the fight

AAA 7002Less than a year ago, at the World Cup in Prague – Troja, they won a precious gold. The C2 paddlers Ondřej Karlovský and Jakub Jáně managed to crown this year´s Czech selection race at Trnávka and they await the medal fights at the European championships in Tacen, Slovenia. What do they expect coming back to defend the third place in Prague this June?

One month to the ICF World Cup in Prague

prindis K1Only less than a month is left until the first from this year´s ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup series which will start this year in Prague (16-18.6). If you want to see the sport legends like Štěpánka Hilgertová, Vavřinec Hradilek, Jiří Prskavec, or Kateřina Kudějová, do not miss the event! The tickets are already available online at TicketPro.

New names in the Czech team

hilgertovaASunday´s (14 May) competitions within the 4th Czech Cup on the Trnávka River decided about the final picture of the Czech canoe slalom team for the 2017 season. Especially young paddlers surprised with good performances. Well-known stars like Štěpánka Hilgertová and Vavřinec Hradilek were however out of the selection in the end as they both placed fourth in overall rankings.

Czech team will come out of Trnávka River

trnavkasobota2017 112The Czech canoe slalom team will be decided on the wild course of the Trnávka River in the Central Czech Republic this weekend (13-14 May). Two races within the 3rd and 4th ČEZ Group Czech Cup has been replaced from Roudnice to Trnávka again due to the recent water and technical situation there.

Olympic Gold medallist from Rio won World Cup in Prague

Skantarove semiAlso finals of the C2 men was full of penalization. First two doubles marked 50s pen. when stern paddler did not make it to the gate. Germans David Schroeder and Nico Bettge finished with 2s penalization and took the lead. French Pierre Picco and Hugo Biso starting after them were faster in by 2,66s already in second split and went over Germans.

Penalization show in K1 women finals

Final runs of K1 women with ten kaykers in the startlist was full of penalizations for touching the gates. The only to perform the clear ride was Veronika Vojtkova nevertheless her ride was slow and did not ensure victory but lead to fourth place only. Gate number 15 was cursed from the semifinals and caused troubles in the finals as well.

Funkova finale

Two Czech doubles in the finals

Karlovsky Jane finalFirst clear run of the semifinals presented Chinese tandem Hongmin Yu and Jin Chen. Starting right after, Pierre Picco and Hugo Biso from France beated their time by 1,7s. First of three Czech doubles Tomas Koplik and Jakub Vrzan set the new leading time 112,93 and it was not beated till the end.