The Czech selection is over. This is the Czech team for this season

Vaclav ChaloupkaAfter four races of the 2021 Canoe Slalom Czech Cup of the ČEZ Group, the line-up of the Czech national teams for the upcoming season is definitely known. Compared to last year's composition of the senior national team, which was also presented at the European Championships in 2021 in Ivrea, Italy, two places were exchanged. In the team of canoeists, the older sister Martina will start next to Gabriela Satková, and kayaker Lucie Nesnídalová will have her premiere in the senior national team. Vavřinec Hradilek eventually dominated the exciting fight between kayakers; the composition of the singles does not change.

On the weekend of May 22 and 23, the second half of the nomination races within the CEZ Group's Czech Cup took place on an artificial slalom course in Troja. The dramatic finals took place in practically all categories, as the only place from Saturday had a canoeist Gabriela Satková secured. She watched intently if she would meet her older sister Martina in the national team.

Although Martina finished below the podium on Sunday, she defeated Eva Říhová by one point and can look forward to her upcoming participation in the World Cups and World Championships in Bratislava. "It has always been one of our goals that we both wanted. We took turns in the national team, but the fact that we both succeeded in the end is a great reward and I am really happy that we will race together at international events," Martina is looking forward to the racing. "I still can't believe it. I'm really looking forward to our joint racing," added Gabriela. In addition, both competitors took a place in the under-23 national team.

Antonie GaluskovaVavřinec Hradilek dominated the closely watched duel in the category of kayakers, where only one representative place remained. Ondřej Tunka narrowly did not reach the final A on Sunday, and although in the end they gained the same number of points, the mutual result from the last race decided the nomination for the national team - and Hradilek did better. "The two nomination weekends together with the European Championship were very demanding. However, of course, I'm happy with how it turned out, I showed eight good rides, which I really appreciate," commented Hradilek on his nomination.

At least in part, Tunka was able to get a taste of the afternoon nomination in extreme slalom, where he wished good luck when he won by only one hundredth of a second and became the fourth qualifier for the World Cup. "Over time, I will probably take it as a partial patch, but now I'm really sorry," admitted the world champion from 2017. "I did not prepare the tenth gate well and then did not catch the next one, which I also touched, and since then I didn't manage to get well into other gates and I didn't do as well as I should," Tunka evaluated his unsuccessful ride, which cost him the possibility of the final fight for the national team.

The team composition remains unchanged in the men´s C1 category. Václav Chaloupka and Vojtěch Heger, who defeated Tomáš Rak by a single point in a direct duel, will continue to side with Lukáš Rohan.

The Czech Team A 2021

C1 women – Tereza Fišerová, Gabriela Satková, Martina Satková
K1 women – Kateřina Minařík Kudějová, Lucie Nesnídalová, Antonie Galušková
C1 men – Lukáš Rohan, Václav Chaloupka, Vojtěch Heger
K1 men – Jiří Prskavec, Vít Přindiš, Vavřinec Hradilek

The U23 Team 2021

C1 women – Tereza Fišerová, Gabriela Satková, Martina Satková
K1 women – Lucie Nesnídalová, Antonie Galušková, Tereza Fišerová
C1 men – Václav Chaloupka, Vojtěch Heger, Matyáš Lhota
K1 men – Jakub Krejčí, Jan Bárta, Tomáš Zima