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This year, VIP tickets for private persons are also available.

Ticket Type Standard VIP**
  Online/Pre-sale  On Site*  Online
1 day:      

Thursday, June 6th
14-18 heats K1W, K1M

free entry free entry -

Friday, June 7th
8-11:30 heats C1W, C1M
14-18 (semi)finals K1W, K1M

200 CZK 250 CZK 2250 CZK

Saturday, June 8th
9-13 (semi)finals C1W, C1M
15:30-17:30 CSLX - Time Trials

200 CZK 250 CZK 2250 CZK

Sunday, June 9th
9-12.30 CSLX - Heats
13:30-16:00 CSLX - Finals

200 CZK 250 CZK 2250 CZK
3-day pass:      
Friday + Saturday + Sunday 450 CZK 550 CZK 5000 CZK
2-day pass:      
Saturday + Sunday 350 CZK 450 CZK 3750 CZK

*On-site payment by credit card or cash

**VIP tickets - specifications:

  • VIP tickets can only be purchased online (pre-sale closed 3.6.2024)
  • number of VIP tickets is limited

VIP ticket allows the holder:

  • access to the VIP tent including unlimited consumption of VIP catering during the day
  • access to the VIP stand


Children under 140 cm and handicapped persons are admitted free of charge (applies only to tickets in the STANDARD category).



Visitors may only enter through the entrance gates at the upstream and downstream of the white water course. Every visitor is obliged to behave in the venue in such a way that his/her behaviour does not endanger the safety of other persons and their property, does not cause damage to equipment or property located in the venue. Furthermore, he/she is obliged to behave in such a way that his/her behaviour does not restrict or harass other persons beyond the level appropriate to the circumstances of the sporting event in progress. Each visitor is obliged to guard his/her personal belongings during his/her stay in the venue, for which the operator is not responsible in case of loss! Every visitor is obliged to keep all areas of the venue tidy and clean. Every visitor enters and stays in the premises at his own risk.



a) bringing in weapons and ammunition of any kind, as well as objects that can be which can be used as a weapon, or which may be of interest to users and visitors users and visitors of the facility,

b) bringing in and consuming drugs or other toxic substances,

c) bringing in pressure vessels, flammable substances, explosives, etc,

d) enter areas of the premises not designated for visitors,

e) throw any objects into the slalom course or visitor areas,

f) smoke or use open flames,

g) destroy the facilities and equipment of the Canoe White Water Venue,

(h) littering outside the designated areas,

i) entering the premises with a dog during a race event.