Olympic medalist Lukáš Rohan multitasking in Troja

SP Praha 2021 272Exactly one month remains until this year's 2022 ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup in Prague from Friday 10 June to Sunday 12 June 2022. The Czech representatives, including medalists from Tokyo, Jiří Prskavec and Lukáš Rohan, will perform in Troja too. Both of them will traditionally be involved in the preparation of the race again. Lukáš Rohan will also help with the Paddleride organisation.

Stars at the start and behind the scenes of race preparations

While the rest of the paddlers will be fighting for the spots in the national team the following weekend (May 14-15) in Troja, Olympian Lukáš Rohan already secured a spot in it. In addition to domestic competitors, the organisers expect star names from other countries as well. For our currently best canoeist, this is almost a family event of special significance.

"It is very important for me that I can race in Troja with those closest to me. I don't know yet if I will have any special function - I usually get involved in everything that is needed and do all kinds of work. Of course, it is no longer as intense as it has been in the past, but when needed, I help. I will definitely join the traditional Paddle Ride on the Sunday before the race," says Lukáš Rohan, a silver Olympic medalist from Tokyo, who is part of the organising team as well as other competitors in the past. During his active career, the Olympian Stanislav Ježek, multiple medalist from world events Vít Přindiš and others also took part in the preparations.

The successful Olympic performance helped Lukáš not only in the field of sports: “The Olympics certainly helped me in that I now believe in myself a little more and do not doubt myself as much as I used to. It is clear that I was a little more visible after the Olympics, which is good for our sport and for the sponsors. But I wouldn't say I'm surrounded by crowds of fans. I'm glad that the closest ones come to support us, and I'm also really looking forward to the fans after the covid break in Troja. I actually experienced the real final atmosphere only twice - in 2016, in the final of the World Cup and then at the 2018 European Championships, where it was probably the best for me in Troja,“ said Lukáš Rohan.

In the past, the nearly 27-year-old racer and blogger also appeared as a skilled television commentator. "There are definitely fewer chances to co-comment when racing, because it is more time consuming. But if there is a possibility, I will be happy to join again, because I like it."

He proved that he was in shape already before the first peak of the season - the European Championships in Liptovský Mikuláš, in the first two races of the Czech Cup this weekend at Trnávka, which he won. "It simply shows we are on the right way towards the season. I was not preparing for Trnávka in any special way.

We are heading to the European Championships and then to the World Championships, which will take place in Augsburg, Germany at the end of July. But it turned out that I was paddling without pressure and really enjoyed the river - even though it didn't suit me that much on Sunday. On Saturday, I really liked how the course was built," he described his winning weekend campaign in Trnávka.

Also with the fans in Troja

Despite other complications of the organizers, due to the current situation, spectators can look forward to an unforgettable atmosphere in Troja with an accompanying program. The official mascot lion Vena will again take care of the entertainment. Tickets will be on sale from this week via Ticketportal. The price in advance is 300 CZK / weekend (Saturday and Sunday), the price on the spot is 200 CZK / day. Admission is free on Fridays. Children up to 140 cm and the disabled have free entry.