How to get to Troja

Don't you know how to get to Troja? Don't worry, we have several information how to get to Troja by car, by public transport or only by virtual trip using online maps

How to get there:

  • By Air
    Airport Vaclav Havel (Prague - Ruzyne, PRG) is a flight hub used by more than 40 airlines that travel to hundreds of destinations. It has three passenger terminals. Terminal 1 is used for flights outside the Schengen zone, while the Terminal 2 is used for flights within the Schengen zone and Terminal 3 is for private and charter flights. You can get all the relevant information on the non-stop phone lines +420 220 113 314 and +420 220 113 321.

    thumb Praha letiste

    A – Slalom Course in Prague
    B – Int. Airport Ruzyn (PRG) – 25km, aprox. 40 minutes to the venue
    It is also possible to use other European International Airports in Germany, Austria or Slovakia.

  • By car from Europe
    Capital City of Prague is the hub of the Czech network of highways and its roads extend in all directions. See the map below with Airport directions to the venue.

    thumb Mapa Evropa auto

    A – Slalom Course  in Prague
    B – Frankfurt am Main (GER) – 520km, 4h 50min to the venue
    C – Munchen (GER) – 380km, 3h 40min to the venue
    D – Leipzig (GER) – 266km, 2h 40min to the venue
    E – Wien (AUT) or Bratislava (SVK) – 350km, 3h 20min to the venue

  • By Train

    There are two international train stations in Prague - Wilson (Main Station) close to Wenceslas Square and Holešovice Station.
    Both are connected with the city centre as well as with each other.
    Holesovice station is 10min by walk to the venue.

  • By car in Prague
  • from all part of Prague drive direction to ZOO
    thumb znacka zoo  
  • on the bridge called Barikadniků in Prague 7 turn to the right direction Troja, Zoo, from this point you should see road sign "Kanoisticky areal"
    thumb znacka kanoe  
  • By public transportation
  • by subway (line C) to station  "Nadrazi Holesovice"
  • carry on by tram No. 17,14  to tram stop "Trojská"
  • ( tram is passing the river ) or by bus 112 to bus stop "Trojská" or "Kovárna"
  • walk back down to the river
  • then follow the river down-/upstream to the venue


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