Golden Wave in Troja! Satková and Prskavec dominate the World Cup

ICF Světový pohár ve vodním slalomu 6.6. - 9.6.2024From the morning, he knew this race would be different. "I was nervous, I focused more. This is what I lacked in kayaking, probably because I'm aiming for a different peak there," described Jiří Prskavec at the finish line, already as the winner of the World Cup in the singles category. In a dramatic race in Prague's Troja, he triumphed ahead of Slovenian Benjamin Savšek and Frenchman Nicolas Gestin. The women's race was dominated by Gabriela Satková, ahead of Jessica Fox from Australia and Germany's Andrea Herzog. They were supported in the stands by Petr Pavel, the President of the Czech Republic.

CEZgroupTwo Czech names slipped into the finals of the single canoeists. The Satková sisters managed to qualify directly among the ten fastest competitors. And the younger Gabriela eventually dominated the race. "I took it as the top race and a rehearsal for the Olympics. I always give one hundred percent, but this race I went all out from full training," she revealed. "There was a lot of adrenaline in me pushing me forward. Waiting at the finish line for the results was stressful, as truly world-class competitors were behind me."

Her performance was also praised by the phenomenal Australian slalomist Fox. "Huge congratulations to Gabča for delivering such an amazing performance in front of the home fans, and I am also very happy to share the podium with her," she said. "Prague is really my favorite place - the atmosphere, the fans, and the organization of the race, it's all always wonderful."

UniqaMartina Satková finished in eighth place. "I'm glad that my sister and I were together in the finals. It's a beautiful family success. Martina is incredible in the support she gives me, even though it must be hard for her. She is the first one to come to congratulate me, and I think that's something I have to cherish," Gabriela Satková reflected.

Jiří Prskavec followed up on the success of his national teammate in the singles category. After a disappointing start in the K1 category, he redeemed himself and took the most valuable medal. "I have no words. On Friday, I was dealing with seconds and passages instead of being that little boy playing on the course. Today, I went out to play paddling. I was happy and thrilled with the crowd that came. I saw friends, family, and loved ones in the stands," he later recounted.

AumaFrom the three-member team, only he made it to the singles finals. "I would be extremely happy if I could carry this ride into the kayak at the Olympics. Because that's the reason I do this sport - I enjoy everything that happens around me! A big thank you goes not only to the spectators but also to the organizers and everyone who makes it possible for me to do this sport. This time I was the happy child, and I am very grateful for that," Prskavec explained.

"Standing on the podium with Benjamin Savšek and Nicolas Gestin is something incredible. These are truly the heroes of the single canoe category. This means so much to me. I am looking forward to what the future brings," he added. And that Prskavec can likely look forward to a bright future in the C1 category, is also believed by the silver man from Troja. "Jirka is an incredible slalomist; I watch his technique and see that he is faster. I congratulate him a lot," Savšek said. "I really enjoyed the finals, the atmosphere here is beautiful. But it was also very hard work because the technical course in Troja is usually more challenging."

CanonPresident Petr Pavel arrived in Prague's Troja and supported the winning atmosphere. "I am incredibly happy with how it turned out. I will be participating in the canoe marathon in Český Krumlov again, so I hope to follow up on the successes of the Czechs, and that my performance will be enough for the podium," smiled the President of the Czech Republic.

The World Cup in Prague's Troja continues with Sunday's Kayak Cross race. The world's best will line up to compete for the remaining three Olympic spots in both the men's and women's categories!

Sunday, June 9 Schedule:
9:00 - 9:55: Kayak Cross Women’s 1st Round
10:05 - 11:00: Kayak Cross Men’s 1st Round
11:25 - 11:50: Kayak Cross Repechage Women
12:00 - 12:25: Kayak Cross Repechage Men

Fanuc13:30 - 13:54: Kayak Cross Heats Women
13:54 - 14:20: Kayak Cross Heats Men
14:30 - 14:52: Kayak Cross Quarterfinals Women
14:53 - 15:11: Kayak Cross Quarterfinals Men
15:11 - 15:20: Kayak Cross Semifinals Women
15:20 - 15:29: Kayak Cross Semifinals Men
15:31 - 15:35: Kayak Cross Small Final Women
15:37 - 15:42: Kayak Cross Small Final Men
15:44 - 15:48: Kayak Cross Final Women
15:51 - 15:55: Kayak Cross Final Men
16:05 - 16:20: Women’s and Men’s Kayak Cross Award Ceremony

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