Behind the scenes: Physiotherapist Markéta Musilová

Marketa musilovaMonada, the clinic of complex rehabilitation has been providing an excellent physiotherapy service to canoe slalom for many years. The physiotherapist Markéta Musilová cares for the troubled bodies of paddlers at the ongoing training camp in Australia. In an interview with Lukas Rohan, she described how she likes the work with canoe slalom team and if it is a hard job.

This work came after a previous physiotherapist, Marketa´s colleague Tomáš Dvořák. "He put the bar pretty high. I hope that I can keep his level," Markéta praised Tomáš's work.

In the two years that she also spent accompanying the team at the top races and championships, she has become accustomed to our athletes. "I already know the people, so it's much more relaxed. Lately, we spent three weeks together and it was fine here," she described her time at the training camp in Australia.

She already has an accurate picture of the canoeists. "Slalom people are quite fairy-tale guys who can make fun of themselves. If I have a favorite among them? That's not what I'm saying. There are those who visit me more often, and those who come less," she says.

Markéta did not have to solve any major health problem yet. "Fortunately, for the past two years, nothing has happened. It was more common problems of congestion. As far as the care for your health is concerned, it is very individual for every competitor. There are people who are very interested here who will come for some advice in the exercise. But then there are those who, if they are really not injured, will not come."

From the first glance, she can recognize some problems. "The difference is certainly between whether it's a kayaker or a canoeist. It has some specifics like any sport. "