ČEZ Prague Riverside Cross 2018 results

C1mTuesday afternoon before the championships in Prague was traditionally dedicated to CEZ Prague Riverside Cross 2018. On Náplavka, we could have seen not only the athletes starting at the ECA European Championships but also Czech celebrities. The best of the bests was the cross country skier Lukáš Bauer.
The competition in this special event – biathlon joined together with canoe slalom was again under auspices of silver Olympic kayaker Vavřinec Hradilek.

Results of the ČEZ Prague Riverside Cross 2018

1. Aigner H.
2. Zima T.
3. Leitner M.

1. Prigent C.
2. Fišerová T.
3. Wegmann M.

1. Rak T.
2. Slafkovský A.
3. Tillard P.

1. Bauer L.
2. Krýzl K.
3. Kolouchová K.