180601 me mh 0097 previewThe Friday qualifications are over at the ECA Canoe Slalom European Championships 2018. Here are the flash quotes.

K1: Ricarda Funk: “It was quite tough; the course is very tricky, especially in the middle part. I think for the semifinals I need to attack the course a little more. Of course I want to qualify into finals.”

C1: Sideris Tasiadis: “I enjoyed really much the race, Prague is a special place, the spectators are pushing us down the course. I love to race here. It was a first qualification run, it was a good one but for the semifinals I need to go little bit faster and push it a little bit more. Everybody who is here wants to win, that’s why are you racing. So I want to win, that’s why I’m here.”

180601 me mh 0151 previewC1: Alexander Slafkovsky: “My goal was to qualify from the first run because the second run is something like a small final. I wanted to end up in top ten, so eighth place is good enough. The course is tricky, it culminates, it’s necessary to be in gates on time, otherwise it may be a problem. My qualifying run was a bit slower, however I went surely.”

K1: Kateřina Kudějová: „I’ve heard around how easy the course is. However, when I saw boys paddling in the morning, I was a bit surprised. I controlled the pace and qualifying as well, so I think I can be satisfied with my first run. I don’t have any goals, I just want to paddle well, and so then I made my fans happy as well. Fans always help me while I’m competing.”

C1: Lukáš Rohan: „Of course I’m happy with my qualification on domestic course but it still means nothing. I need to improve in semifinals, push it harder and go flawless. Tonight I’ll watch my favourite movie, that’s kind of my ritual. But I won’t tell you the name of it. “

rakC1: Vítězslav Gebas: “I made lot of mistakes in the first run and it wasn’t enough in this competition. I focused more on the second run, especially on the tough middle part where I made these mistakes, and it worked out.”

Foto: Martin Hladík, kanoe.cz