Paddleride was a celebration of canoe slalom just before the start of the European Championships

padlo2After a one year break, the traditional Paddleride was the best invitation to follow the upcoming ECA Canoe Slalom European Championships in Prague. On Sunday afternoon (13), around 70 boats gathered in Troja boathouse to enjoy the unique sightseeing from the Vltava river across Prague city centre.

Also the Czech Olympic representative Jiří Prskavec joined the group and also helped with the event organisation. “First of all, I am very glad that we even organise such event in such hard times. We will have the championships without the fans but still, there will be around 1000 people coming from our families and the teams so I hope for a good atmosphere. The organising committee has a very hard task this year,” said Prskavec.

pad3The Paddleride participans on around 70 boats managed to start from Troja towards Kampa island. The went under the Charles bridge and also sang some songs while waiting at Stvanica for a lock chamber. Also the Czech kayaker Veronika Vojtová liked the event.
“It was beautiful with warm and sunny weather. I enjoyed the paddling and beautiful views on the Prague skyline,” she said.

The event finished in the evening after ca 7km of paddling with a small refreshment. Jiří Prskavec invited all fans to follow the championships online via the TV or streaming on social networks and youtube channel.

“Watch and support us online. I am sure, it will be exciting again and I believe the competition will be fair and well organised. And that the Czech team will do well.”