Gold for the teams of the Czech women canoeists and French kayakers

C1Z teamThe afternoon competitions of the 2020 ECA European competitions on Saturday 19 September belonged to the C1 women and K1 men team competitions. The performance of the home canoeists secured gold medal to Tereza Fišerová, Gabriela Satková and Tereza Kneblová. The kings of the kayak teams became Quentin Burgi, Boris Neveu and Mathurin Madore.

Tereza Fišerová: “I think we did not underestimate the event with the girls, we trained for it and we did well. We trust each other and that is what works. And we all had a good individual result so that also helps when competing in team,” said Fišerová.
Gabriela Satková added: “It is great that all the three of us are more or less on the same level. We are confident and we have a similar style. To me, it feels like it was me going with the next two Gabrielas.”

franceTereza Kneblová commented about the medal from the ECh: “It is unbelievable. I was so happy when coming to the finish. I was a bit scared that I make a mistake and the girls would be sad for it. But now, I am glad that we managed it well and we can enjoy it.”

French team did not make big mistakes in the teams competition and let the home kayak stars behind on silver position.
Boris Neveu: “For the team competition, it is important to not to have individual medal, so you can get them in the team (smile). To have a medal in K1 teams in Prague and beat Czechs is very good for all the French team and we enjoyed the day.”
Quentin Burgi: “It is good to have a team competition after the finals of individual races, it is fun. I like it a lot, it is nice to do the race together. “
Mathurin Madore: “We don’t have any specific tactic. We had forerun together before and it didn’t go well, so we decided to change the order and it worked, so it was a good tactic.”

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