World Cup in Prague was launched by canoeists on Friday

Rak QFriday qualifications were started by canoeists including three home representatives Tomas Rak, Vitezslav Gebas and Lukas Rohan. The race dominated the Swiss paddler Thomas Koechlin in time of 92.48s, silver medal holder from Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Matej Beňuš finished second as he gained a two-second penalty, and third place went to Czech Tomas Rak.

Official World Cup No°4 trailer

Official trailer for 2016 ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup No°4 in Prague, Czech Republic! Jiří Prskavec, Jessica Fox, Ladislav a Peter Skantar, Matěj Beňuš and other excellent athletes will make Olympic atmoshere! week in Prague!


Kudejova just below the podium in Seu

SPSeo KudejovaLa Seu d'Urgell - 2nd World Cup was the only WC race where Czech olympian Katerina Kudejova appeared in this year befor the Olympics. In the finals,as well as in the semi-finals she scored fourth place. C2 paddlers Karlovský/Jane finished sixth.

Vit Prindis - the winner of the 2nd World Cup in Seu (ESP)

SPSeo PrindisLa Seu d'Urgell, Spain – Czech kayak school shows its strenght. In the second race of 2016 ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup in Seu came after almost perfect final run on top of the podium Vit Prindis. He scored the first World Cup win of his career. In addition, Ondrej Tunka and Lubos Hilgert, who were not at home even nominated for top 3 athletes to represent Czech Republic, appeared also in the Final! Vitezslav Gebas added bronz medal in C1M.