Paddleride already on Sunday 13 September

padlo mAlso this year, the organisers of the upcoming ECA European canoe slalom championships 2020 have included the Paddleride for the public and sports fans on Sunday 13th September, as usual Prague city centre boat ride. One of the main organisers is again the actual European champion in K1 Vit Prindis, who will defend his title in a week in Prague at the upcoming championships.

“I am glad that we managed to organize the Paddleride also this year despite all the restrictions with covid-19. It is a unique occasion for all the people who love water to enjoy the capital city from the water level,” said Prindis.

1) Start at 13:00 from the boathouse in Troja towards the city center. Boats collecting from 12:15!!!
2) At 14:30 we overcome Stvanice weir thru navigation lock.
3) We will follow the right bank of the Vltava River to the Charles Bridge.
4) Ride under the Judith arc close to the Charles bridge, than cross the river and paddle 300m up.
5) Leave the boats, start with transport of the boats back to boathouse and small afterparty (beer and some food included:-)

Important information:

Ride takes three hours of light paddling. Please, keep social distance and all the necessary sanitary restrictions.

Don't forget to bring the LIFE JACKET, boat straps, money, camera and warm clothes (depends on the weather).

You can put all important belongings to boats or cars before paddleride.