Fišerová both for kayak and canoe. Farewell for Kudějová

fiser Nedele Vyber 15On Sunday, 15 May 2022, the 4th Canoe Slalom Czech Cup of the ČEZ Group in Prague-Troja decided on a new composition of the Czech national team in canoe slalom. Tereza Fišerová will be the first paddler in the Czech colors on both canoe and kayak. Vít Přindiš and Ondřej Tunka won a place among the kayakers next to Jiří Prskavec. The only place among canoeists belongs to the favorite Vojtěch Heger.

Tereza Fišerová reigned among the women in Troja. After a nervous start on canoe, she took a place in the national team in both events - on "her" canoe and also kayak. She became the first slalom paddler to defend the Czech colors in both categories.
"It's like a dream. It is unbelievable. I wanted it that way, I wished I would spend the season on that kayak, I really appreciate it and I will work to show nice performances," says Fišerová, who has successfully represented in both categories on the international level in the category under 23 years of age, where she is even the European kayak champion.

Thanks to the Sunday victory, Ondřej Tunka, the 2017 world champion, is returning to the national team after 3 years. However, he hardly started because he was dealing with a blocked back from Friday. "I was surprisingly calm at the start and it was a long wait in the finish," describes the Sunday winner Tunka. "Our physio Markéta always trained me and helped me a lot, tried to make me move and put me in a state that I didn't know about the back at all during the race," describes the 2017 world champion Tunka.

The three-time European champion Vít Přindiš also defended his position in the team. "The nomination was very demanding because I did not succeed since the first race. I felt great but I didn't do it, I didn't tread it the way I wanted to, so it was terribly exciting and nervous mentally.” Now he can focus on defending his 3 European titles.

Troja Nedele Vyber 22The composition of the national team on the women canoe remains the same as last year - Tereza Fišerová, Gabriela Satková, Martina Satková, and K1W will be joined by Antonie Galušková and Barbora Valíková.

The only place among men canoeists was won by Vojtěch Heger, so the representation of canoeists remains the same as in previous years - Rohan, Chaloupka, Heger.

The new national team in canoe slalom will leave for the European Championship in Liptovský Mikuláš in Slovakia on Wednesday, May 18, which will start in 2 weeks (May 26-29).

Former world champion from London 2015 and two-time Olympian Kateřina Kudějová showed her last ride. Last year's Czech national champion wants to focus on professional growth and family. We wish you good luck.

We thank the Capital City of Prague and the city district of Prague 7 for financial support. We also thank all other canoe slalom partners.

Photo: Jan Homolka,