Complete Czech team in the semi-finals. Win for Roisin and Delassus

satkova g kvalifikaceThe World Cup in Prague-Troja offered the qualification of male and female canoeists in the Friday morning program (9). The best qualification runs belonged to the French competitors Marjorie Delassus and Lucas Roisin. Just like yesterday, all six Czech boats advanced from the qualification.

Gabriela Satková secured the semi-finals from fourth place, Tereza Kneblová finished tenth and Tereza Fišerová finished fourteenth. In the men's category, twelfth Václav Chaloupka and thirteenth Jiří Prskavec advanced directly. Lukáš Rohan secured the semi-final with a second heat.

prskavec c1 kvalCompared to last week in Augsburg, Jiří Prskavec saved one run when he advanced from the qualification to the semi-finals with the thirteenth time. "I take it positively, I succeeded as I wanted. There was one unfortunate touch, but otherwise the ride was good," he said at the finish line.

"The hardest thing is to wrap my head around the fact that I'm in a different boat. Yesterday, I tried to work on it a bit, CEZgroupafter the kayak qualification I didn't even want to watch the video, I went straight to the C1 category, and now I would like to do the same thing back to the kayak - and not think about it, but focus on what will happen," added the winner of the kayakers qualification, who, like five other Czech competitors, is awaiting the semi-final today.

Václav Chaloupka finished one hundredth ahead of Prskavec in the qualification. "I didn't quite manage to enter today's run with a good attitude. I was struggling a bit at the top, then there was a touch, so I knew I had to go clean the rest of the course. It was a bit nervous, stiff. I believe it will be better tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it, it will be a great atmosphere for sure. Of course, there is some pressure associated with racing at home, but competing in front of our fans is an amazing experience," adds the 2021 world champion.

rohan lukas kvalLukáš Rohan was not satisfied with today's performance, as he scored a 50s penalty in the first heat. "The second heat was so painful, compared to the first one, which I was happy with. But I tell myself that the worst is probably over and tomorrow will be a completely different ride. The motivation in Troja is at an all-time high and I'm so damn pissed right now. I want to show that I can paddle well, because I am still far from the ideal performances," admitted the Olympic medallist.

Czech female canoeists will also have triple representation in the semi-finals. From fourth place, Gabriela Satková is heading to the semi-finals. "The ride was a bit nervous, I don't know if it was the audience or the fact that we started before nine in the morning. Anyway, I think I concentrated towards the end and the ride was worth it, it's a nice position. There were definitely mistakes, on the other hand, I like when there is room for improvement," Satková admitted. "I was really looking forward to the race, after all it's at home in Troja, family and friends will come. I'm very grateful to be able to start here and I'm looking forward to Saturday."

fiserova kvalTereza Fišerová also struggled with the track today. "There will definitely be room for improvement. I was worried from top to bottom, compared to yesterday, the ship was not sliding. But the important thing is that I managed to advance from the first race, I rested a lot at the finish line. And in the semi-finals, it will be all over again," said the reigning winner of the World Cup series.

Mallory Franklin of Great Britain secured a 2nd place in the qualification. “It was a good run though I was a bit late on the couple of staggers, it felt a little bit rushed but kept it running and happy with the outcome. I am not entirely sure about the course and I know some bit will get harder but I will just try to do the same and keep it clean, keep it running. This is my first World Cup this year because I did not race in Augsburg but it is good. I do not know if I am a massive fan of the new schedule but I like racing in Prague. It is always nice to be here,” said Franklin.

UniqaFriday's packed program continues with the afternoon semi-final and final races in the K1 category. The semi-finals of the female kayakers start at 1:45 p.m., the men will be introduced from 2:50 p.m.

Results C1 women qualification
Results C1 men qualification