Tasiadis wins his first World Cup, Benus silver

SP 271German competitor Sideris Tasiadis managed to repeat his victory from C1 semi-final and gained his first gold ever at the ICF World Cup. Silver medal went to Slovak Matej Beňuš and bronze to Italian Raffaello Ivaldi.

“After finish, I was surprised and also happy about the win because the course was difficult to keep the line . The victory is very precious to me because it is my first world cup victory. I was already second and third, also the overall winner but never the first. So I am very happy now. Mentally it was tough, I was a bit nervous but not so much. Sometimes, you go good in semi-final, but it was ok. It was a good race and all was good,” said Tasiadis.

Matej Benus also appreciated the silver medal: “I always try to reach for a medal in the final. I am very satisfied today despite the fact that there were some reserves. The first half was very good and fast but I made a mistake in the centre – there was a lack of water and I even had a touch. I think I lost 3-4 seconds there. I will see after the race if I will have to change something with my boat. Of course, I want to have it all without any problems at the next world cups,” added Beňuš.