Thank you to all volunteers in Prague

180602 me mh 0282The ECA Canoe Slalom European Championships would not be existing without a precious help of the volunteers. Some of them for the first time, others come back every year. One takes holiday in job; other makes a break in his study. There are many stories behind these helpful people but there is one thing in common: the passion for sports and willingness to help to organise great championships.

The volunteers’ team leader Tomáš Brhel is very satisfied with his team this year in Prague - Troja. „I would like to thank to all my colleagues in the team of volunteers for their passion and hard work. It was a pleasant cooperation and also a smooth communication which helped to organise a great event. This year, I really focused to give the people the chance to watch and enjoy the race, to collect experiences and unforgettable moments as fans,” describes brhel who led his team of 30 volunteers.

Also the director of the organising committee Jiří Rohan adds his warm words. „We are very glad that we found many skilful and responsible people to cooperate with and that there was a huge interest among the volunteers this year. We were still receiving applications even during the championships. We would like to motivate the people of all ages so that they get the chance to experience our sport also from the backstage,” added Rohan.

The volunteers help with various activities and they also have the chance to enjoy the competition.
„The whole European championships ended very well from my point of view and I need to say big thank to my colleagues volunteers,” added Brhel who cooperates with some people already for many years and they still come back to Troja.

The ICF World Cup returns to Prague next year and it will host the final of the canoe slalom special event. “Next year, we would introduce the next innovations and we prepare also competitions for volunteers. I think it will be even more fun and it will be very interesting and attractive to be part of the team once again,” stated Tomáš Brhel.

If you want to be a part of the volunteer team, do not forget to contact us before the event.

Thank you to all volunteers for great cooperation!