Lukáš Rohan wins the World Cup for the first time in career

                               The very exciting final took place in the last individual competition in Prague's Troja in the canoeists' competition. For the first time in the World Cup race, the Czech competitor Lukáš Rohan reached the medal position and immediately reached the highest place. David Florence of Great Britain finished second, while Slovenian Benjamin Savšek won bronze.

Kacper Sztuba of Poland fastest in C1 men semi-final

heger sf2After the women´s category, the Troja artificial slalom course was ready to welcome C1 men´s category. The winner was the Polish national team member Kacper Sztuba, who was the only one to press the time under 98 seconds by a clean ride. As in the case of women, only one of the Czech trio ships advanced to the final - Lukáš Rohan.

Franklin fastest in the C1 women semi-final

c1W sfSunday (13) in Prague's Troja belongs to C1 men and women competitions. In the morning semifinals, the best place for the afternoon finals went to British canoeist Mallory Franklin. Of the three Czech ships, Tereza Fišerová qualified for the final.

The qualifications in extreme slalom for the Czech boats

SP Praha 2021 228Saturday's program of the ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup in Troja ended with qualifying races in extreme canoe slalom, a new Olympic discipline for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. In the first races, the competitors went individually, the time was especially important. Extreme slalom is ridden on a plastic boat that is heavier than a normal kayak. Competitors go through or go around eight rubber gates. In the middle, the racer still has to handle the Eskimo.

Polish double in the women´s kayak competition. Zwolinská won, Pacierpnik second, Fox third

zwolinska fWe have seen extremely strong fights in the men´s and women´s kayak finals. Natalia Pacierpnik of Poland wentthe final ride in an absolutely famous way. She managed a difficult central passage and showed a clean run, recording the best time of the day 102.49 s. Other competitors have already got one mistake after another. Maialen Chourraut from Spain recorded 4 penalty seconds, the German Ricarda Funk was not clear on the gate 3, then she also passed gate 9 incorrectly and a 50-second penalty shone next to her name. Then another mistake was added on gate 16 and the medal hopes for Germany took over halfway through the track.

All Czech kayakers in the final. Prskavec the fastest in the semi-final

prskavec sfThe kayak semifinals also offered interesting moments. The Slovak Jakub Grigar went perfectly right at the beginning, showed a flawless run and settled for a long time in the lead. With a time of 92.39s, he also set the bar very high and will not be missing in the final. Vavřinec Hradilek was the first Czech kayaker to set off on the track, he did not make a single mistake and after a while of waiting for him, two mistakes of the German Aigner definitely sent him to the finals as well as the home winner Jiří Prskavec and Vít Přindiš.

Women´s kayak semifinal best for the Pole Zwolinska

zwolinska sfSaturday's program of the ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup was started by women kayakers. Even the experienced British Fiona Pennie did not avoid a mistake, got 50 penalization and her chances for the finals vanished at that moment. Another big competitor, Jana Dukátová from Slovakia, will not show up in the final. However, the home talent Antonie Galušková made it to the top 10.

K1 qualifications in Prague won by Fox and De Gennaro

De Gennaro QualiFrom 11 to 13 June, the Canoe Slalom World Cup is taking place on the Prague Troja channel. It is the first stop of this year's whole series. The first qualifying races were completed by kayakers on Friday morning. Among the women kayakers was the best Australian Jessica Fox, in the men´s kayak was Italian Giovanni De Gennaro the most successful. All Czech boats advanced from the qualification in both categories.